Creating an ecosystem for mobile apps marketing

Creating an ecosystem for mobile apps marketing

Now a day when there are already millions of apps in iTunes store and thousands are adding on daily basis. A new app can’t survive at its own in absence of a complete ecosystem that is vital for apps sales and marketing. In starting days of iTunes store all you needed was a good app. There were no keyword limitations as whole description text and app name was serving the purpose. The competition was low and therefore it was lot easier to achieve a slot among top 25 paid apps. With time not only competition became tougher and tougher, making it quite challenging for an app to standout, but also 100 characters keyword limitation also made it quite difficult for an app to be discovered.
In order to win a slot among top 25 apps you need an ecosystem that ensures that your apps can get required attention that is vital for their survival. The ecosystem comprises of your effective presence on at least following popular platforms. You must have a very active and effective blog with interesting articles for your intended customers. The articles should be combined with most popular keywords that are required to locate your app. The blog should be connected with a Twitter and Facebook account and articles should contain links of your apps on iTunes store. All four of above should be present on your website as well.
It will take a lot of time and involves lot of effort for the ecosystem to integrate its components and to start supplying the required push to your app to flourish and sell. Once you establish this ecosystem and start populating it with blogs, tweets and posts on Facebook a time will come when you will start receiving traffic from search engines. Once done you have setup foundations of your ecosystem and now comes the next challenge to increase this traffic. The new challenges also involve to filter the coming traffic by using different analytic tools like Google Analytics, WordPress stats, Hubspot, Facebook insights etc. to translate it in sales.
In order to succeed a product company should have as much focus on SEO, inbound and outbound marketing techniques as on its engineering aspects.

The author is CTO of DaimTech and is author of many top selling apps on iTunes store.


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DaimTech is a product development and services company with a mission to introduce high tech smartphone apps in businesses, education and for fun. We have launched our e-learning initiative to develop and promote iPad based apps to meet classroom needs. Visit for more details.
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